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Some days you’re the pigeon, some days you’re the statue.

It’s been a while since I last proprly updated my blog, and in part I have been avoiding it. Daft that I avoid something of my own creation, which is designed to chart the heady highs and lows of my life these days, but there we have it. This blog post has been churning away in my washing machine brain for some weeks now, waiting for me to seize the day and just bloomin’ well get on with it and I thought long and hard over the best way to note everything that has been happening, in truth I’d have liked to have written a limerick but, well, I couldn’t get past the first line so that was out. I’ve decided on a list in any case, easier to be dispassionate about a list than reams of verbose prose. (Me? Verbose? Never….)

1. Potential Redundancy

2. Condition affecting all joints in my body

3. Side effects of new cocktail of drugs

4. Return of Anxiety

5. Catching 3 viral infections in 7 weeks due to the lowering of my immune system

6.Putting on a stone in weight in a month due to the new cocktail of drugs and viruses.


So there we have it, rather a mixed bag, all in all, however most importantly, I’m still here and I still have Mr D and our 3 crazy kitties, and when I remind myself of that, suddenly life doesn’t seem quite as difficult after all.