Musings on the road to recovery

Top 5 Sundays


My Sunday today has been lovely and as I approach the end of it, instead of the Sunday night blues*, I feel contented and happy with my lot. So, with no more ado, my top 5 for this Sunday:

1. I spent time with Mr RR watching a comedy series called “Threesome” and I can’t remember the last time I howled with laughter quite so much.
2, I spent 5 minutes in the garden with my camera and I feel like my photography mojo is returning.
3. We had homemade chilli for dinner and it was lovely.
4. I’ve just had a mug of hot chocolate with squirty cream – mmm
5. I feel happy

* Sunday Night Blues, hereafter known as the SNBs, is a common affliction which can affect both men and women. The condition starts around 3.30pm Sunday afternoon and begins with a sinking feeling in the stomach, swiftly followed by an encompassing dread when contemplating the working week ahead. Unfortunately a total cure has yet to be found, although if a concoction of CIC (Cake, Icecream, Chocolate) is applied quickly enough, the sufferer may experience some temporary relief, although when this wears off, the SNB can return with a vengeance.


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