Musings on the road to recovery

Cooler weather

As we seem to be lacking the Summer heatwave which has been (forgive the pun,) warmly anticipated since approximately April, today heralded the start of what felt like mid-Autumn. The wind was howling outside, the temperature dropped and it was the type of day where you want to spend the afternoon wrapped in a blanket, with the heating on,toasty warm, sipping a mug of hot chocolate with marshmellows, watching a film and cuddling up to the person who you hold most dearly, well, who you hold most dearly most days of the year.

Today is not such a good day for me. The cooler weather has affected my joints, causing them to seize up if held in the same position for a couple of minutes,making them more painful and the pain has started spreading, currently to my hands.I feel a wee bit sorry for myself if I’m being completely honest. Mr RR, however is being stalwartly optimistic, pointing out the silver linings and trying to keep my spirits up. I don’t know what I would do without him.


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