Musings on the road to recovery


I have a confession to make. I, Mrs RR, have once more developed an addiction for chocolate. I shall hang my head in shame, as although I’ve previously managed to kick the habit to the curb (imagine I’m doing a Ricki Lake type voice and actions here please), it’s slowly crept back into my life. A cornetto here, a Mars icecream there, and before I know it, I’m making changes to my main meals, in order to fit in some quality time with Mr Cadbury et al.

I’m certain that I am not alone in this, although I am concerned that I’m fulfilling a gender sterotype, but, to my mind, there’s nothing like an evening in, watching a decent film accompanied by box (or two) of chocolate. There’s something about the sweet taste of the chocolate melting slowly onto my tongue which seduces my taste buds and lures me into a comfortable state of sensory bliss.

Unfortunately this habit does not seem to go hand in hand with my latest WeightWatchers attempt. While the chocolate is calling to me tantilisingly, the little voice of willpower, urging me to remember that I have to weigh in in a few day’s time and reminding me that I am to be a bridesmaid in 6 weeks, is quickly overriden. I wish I could be one of those women who is able to resist an open box of chocolates. One of my colleagues divulged recently that she has a single chocolate after dinner, it’s presented on a plate, accompanied by a cup of coffee and she is satisfied. Honestly? Compare that to me when presented with an open box of chocolates, I even eat the ones I don’t like if the box is open, even if they are coffee and sickly strawberry flavoured (yuck) although I did not notify her of this, afraid that she would judge me for my gluttony.

I looked at her with a real sense of horror, open mouthed with incredulity. My mind simply can not compute how you can eat ONE chocolate. One chocolate, alone on the plate. I mean, if you’re counting a Terry’s Chocolate Orange as one chocolate (the way that the segments are so fiendishly hard to separate underlines the fact that it’s intended to be eaten as a single entity?) then I’m with you all of the way. However a solitary, lone chocolate? Pull the other one.

Am I alone in my shocking lack of willpower or are there others who feel the same?


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