Musings on the road to recovery

When pottering around in a local shop with a trolley, trying not to ram the trolley into unsuspecting strangers’ legs as I inevitably end up with the wonky wheeled trolley, and, flushed with success that I’d managed to escape the house without Mr RR noticing, (bless him, he’s better at gauging my condition than I am, and sometimes I am my own worst enemy), I was let loose in a shop. In a Pretty Woman esque manner, big mistake, HUGE!

In any case, I had seen bottles of Diet Coke on offer (Diet Coke – my achilles heel. Imagine how a 5 year old would feel after eating two tubes of old fashioned, full of e-numbers Smarties and transpose that to a 29 year old woman after two glasses of Diet Coke. It’s not pretty) and wanted one. I looked around for a shop assistant as, naturally, they were on the bottom shelf and asked the assistant for, erm assistance. I was surprised, however when a stranger, instead bent down and picked up a bottle and placed it in my trolley. When I thanked her, she replied that it was her pleasure, and with that, she went on her way.

Afterwards I was pondering upon this display of kindness and realised that, since my return to work, the pupils have responded with what may be slightly uncharacteristic kindness. Pupils rushing to open doors for me, making sure that their friends move out of my way, ensuring that I’m not jostled and that if I drop anything, they pick it up immediately. To be treated in this way warms the very cockles of my heart every time it happens.


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