Musings on the road to recovery

A mildly ironic yay me!

Oh yes, today I have conquered Mount Everest, scaled the highest peak and am left feeling breathless with my victory. No, not really, instead I called Social Services which to me is my own version of Everest. I’ve put off calling them more times over the last 6 months than I care to think of, I am a veritable mistress of procrastination and of avoidance at times.

Anyway, it’s done. I’m not happy that I’ve had to call them, it’s another admission of how limited I am these days, Mr RR is now having to dress, undress me, put me to bed, along with other similarly exciting tasks and is becoming more like my carer each day but I’ve decided if I’m so determined to make my phased return work (which I am), then I have to accept that sometimes there has to be sacrifices.

Speaking of which, we’ve had to sell the Foo Fighters/Biffy Clyro tickets that we bought last November as the gig clashes with my return to work and it has to take priority over social events. Meh, being an adult sucks!

(I am aware that I’m remarkably fortunate in many respects and I accept that it’s not possible for me to go at this time but it doesn’t stop me feel ever so slightly disappointed, though I’ll get over it – probably with the aid of icecream….and chocolate 😉 )


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