Musings on the road to recovery

Life Goes On

By this I am not referring to the Jonah and the Whale song, though it did take me quite some time to realise that the lyrics I was merrily singing wasn’t just a random collection of letters, but actually spelled out something. Me? Not the sharpest  knife in the drawer? Never.  I feel that this song title has never been more apt for my day today.

Today I have had the most marvellous, glorious day and thought that I would write a blog post about it. I went to the gym and ended up having a chat with the manager about the dingy state of the disabled changing rooms in stark contrast to the well lit, welcoming female changing rooms. The upshot is that he is going to review the lighting, the general condition of the rooms and equipment with a view to  making improvements which I am pleased about.

I also went out with my camera into the local countryside in the wonderful sunshine and took plenty of photos, thinking of which angles would produce the best results. As I walked in the bright sunlight, marvelling at the beauty of the surroundings, taking photographs of paths (I have a thing for paths, benches and trees), I had the most wonderful lightbulb moment. That the photos I was taking of this particular path, at different points reminded me very much of my own personal journey and I realised that the debilitating anxiety has largely faded, the excruciating pain has become a part of me and is easier to manage and that I’d been through all of this and I was OK. Actually, I was better than OK, I was feeling good. The enjoyment of life has returned and it feels worth living again. A far cry from last October/November time when I was so overwhelmed by the pain that I didn’t want to wake up in the morning.

After having lunch accompanied by Jane Eyre, I stopped by an intriguing craft shop complex filled with antiquities, little odds and ends, a small art gallery and spent a while pottering around each of the shops, completely unfettered by the constraints of time, indulging myself with what bits and pieces I would buy, had I won the lottery.

A wholly enjoyable morning, spent in my own company and an evening spent with Mr RR watching the Stephen Fry interview on Sky Arts with a nap sandwiched in the middle.


Comments on: "Life Goes On" (2)

  1. Right. Who do I write to so that all your days can be like this one.
    So lovely to read


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