Musings on the road to recovery

Return to work

I went to work for a third of the day last week, to have the equipment training. It’s most exciting, I have an electric desk which has a button to make it go higher and lower, I’m hoping that it will transfix the pupils so that I can use it as a behaviour management tool, cunning plan I feel. I also have a very swanky chair which is totally adjustable, very exciting. My perching stool should also arrive next week which is great.

It was rather odd to return to work in all honesty and talk to my colleagues. For them life hasn’t really changed, the gap that my absence left in the department was soon filled by someone else, and life goes on. Whereas in the same period of time, my life has changed irrevocably and I am still adjusting.

I have also realised that the way that I organise my working day is going to have to change, a colleague asked me to pop by their office to pick up some paperwork, which I now can’t do. Each realisation is minor in the whole scheme of things but they are stacking up.

It’s hit me that if I’m to manage the work-life-pain balance then I’m going to have to be mindful of my limits and restrictions. I made the mistake of missing a painkiller dose when I was at work last week and paid for it for the remaining afternoon and evening. I’m going to have to balance doing my utmost for my pupils and fulfilling my duties while monitoring the pain.


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