Musings on the road to recovery

Ah, Easter Sunday, the day where grown adults and children everywhere use Jesus’ death and subsequent resurrection as an excuse to gorge themselves on chocolate. Who am I to resist such a worthy tradition, who am I kidding? Like I’d have the willpower to resist! Mr RR only had to offer me a chocolate and I was off, searching the kitchen for a chocolate like a pig hunting for truffles. (An unpleasant analogy now I come to think of it, but one that seems apt.)

Today has mainly consisted of a Sunday roast cooked by the chef de la maison, Mr RR bien sur, followed by an afternoon of lazing around, watching Gavin and Stacey, Modern Family (wishing I was as svelte as Sophia Vergara, while eating icecream. I know, I know, it’s an oxymoron, you can bet she doesn’t maintain her figure by snaffling Cornettos) , reading bonkbusters (/cough Jilly Cooper /cough) and debating whether or not I can eat my body weight in chocolate. The answer to the latter is as yet undetermined, ask me again tomorrow 😉

Now, while all of this may seem like sheer gluttony and slothfulness, it is actually medicinal. Before you sling the rotten tomatoes and shout at me, hear me out. Thanks to the sudden change in the weather, I’ve discovered that warmer weather helps with the pain whereas colder weather makes it worse. It just so happens that today is cooler outside, actually rather chilly so, in order to prevent a flare up, I’ve been housebound, keeping myself warm and in prize condition for my return to work at the end of the week. Unfortunately the eating chocolate part isn’t medicinal, that’s a coincidence as we also seem to be surrounded by chocolate in the house due to Mr RR’s rediscovered sweet tooth.

So, before I get to the state where I have to be hoisted off the sofa by a crane due to the immense quantities of chocolate consumed, I’d like to wish you all a Happy Easter. Cadburys mini egg anyone?


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