Musings on the road to recovery

An update

I haven’t blogged recently as, to be honest, a flare up coupled with a resurgence of Depression, well it doesn’t make for particularly light reading…unless you particularly like that kind of thing, in which case, it takes all sorts.The good news is that I feel I’m on the way back up now, my mood’s steadying again and the pain’s easing back down into it’s normal state. Life’s beginning to regain its colour again, I’ve started taking photos and reading, increasing my activity once again and this has all been helped along its way by the glorious sunshine.

I thought after my Rheumatology appointment, where the consultant advised that he expected the blood tests to come back normal and that it was nerve damage/chronic pain syndrome, that my turn on the medical merry go round would be over, however I received correspondance last week to advise that the ESR (inflammation level) in my blood was still very high, that I have a vitamin D deficiency – although that won’t contribute towards my symptoms and that the other results weren’t as normal as he’d expected. I now have an ultrasound scheduled for next month to scan the joints for inflammation. Sounds exciting 🙂

Other than that, life goes on really. I have a proper start date for my phased return which is next week, sandwiched nicely between all of the Bank Holidays. I had the date confirmed today and now I’m blooming terrified.


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