Musings on the road to recovery

Introducing the animals

I overdid it yesterday, causing a backlash last night and today, so today I am sofa bound, tucked under a blanket, heating on and banking on Mr RR being my personal slave, well I can but hope 🙂 I’m also hoping to snag a kitty, though the pesky things seem to be more wily these days. Although Luna’s developed a neat little trick of coming when her name is called, like a dog. It’s adorable, she can be upstairs asleep in the spare room but if I call her, I’ll hear the thud of her paws hitting the ground, followed by the thundering of her coming down the stairs, you’d be forgiven for thinking she was more elephant than dainty little tortoiseshell. My previous notions of cats being elegant and graceful have been most firmly disabused since owning them. Whoever says that catsalways  fall on their feet, havent clearly met Mylo – our big tom cat. There have been several occasions where he has narrowly avoided falling on his head due to Mr RR or me catching him mid air, (no mean feat when he’s 6.5kg of muscle), not to mention the amount of times he’s had to be rescued from the fence in the garden as he’s jumped up and not been able to work out how to get down.I wonder if other people have cats who, if they were children in a school, they’d clearly be labelled as having special educational needs, or whether we were just unfortunate.The RSPCA certainly saw us coming, that’s for sure. They hid all of the “normal” cats, replacing them with the ones with the weird tendancies, knowing that we were clearly a soft touch for a sob story.






Mylo                                                                                                                                                             Luna


There is another member of the brood, Amber although I’m yet to get a decent photo of her as she is very camera shy. My photos of her tend to be very blurry as she spies the camera and legs it. Once I have a semi decent photo of her, I’ll introduce her too.








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