Musings on the road to recovery

It’s dreary outside, I thought a spot of colour might be cheering. So…normal service is resumed after my self pitying diatribe last night. In all fairness, it didn’t take long before the more pragmatic side of me won out, brisky telling me to dry my eyes, wash my face and darned well get on with it.

Tuesday 15th March. Occupational Health. In 2 hours I shall be in the appointment, probably trying to convince the GP to let me back to work. Odd you may think, usually it’s the other way wrong but this GP has already expressed reservation about the amount of, and type of medication I’m on, in the last appointment he stressed that he would not be happy with me going back to work with that amount of medication, only now  Tramadol and Amitriptyline have been added to the mix. I have all of my blurb prepared about how I’ve been increasing my sitting, standing and driving tolerances, how I have been gradually reducing my medication to enable me to up them again if the pain increases exponentially and how I’m now in control of the pain instead of it controlling me. At the end of the day, he will have to trust that the only person who knows how much pain I’m in and how much I can manage, is me.

The medication no longer has significant side effects, I’m very fortunate. The Amitriptyline makes me sleepy, which is a side effect I was hoping for and has improved the quantity and quality of my sleep, the Citalopram is now keeping my moods more balanced, the Diclofenac and CoCodamol have not really had significant side effects since I started taking them and the Tramadol used to put me on another planet, but since introducing them gradually, they no longer do this. My memory is affected but I can get around that by carrying a diary with me – I don’t forget important things, just small ones.

I think the fact that I need an afternoon nap might provide a stumbling block, as if I try not to take it, the pain increases to unbearable levels and my mood worsens. (Bear with a sore head has nothing on me!) Similarly my inability to reach above my head or pick things up from the floor easily might be a problem, but I try to remind myself that actually, I didn’t need to do that much in my job anyway. OK I need to write on the Smartboard, but I can get round that by typing everything out in advance and I could manage a bit of writing anyway if needs be, plus I could buy one of those grabber type things you see in disabled aids type shops

I’m trying to remind myself that you can get round everything as long as you apply some thought and consideration to the issue, I only hope that the Occupational Health GP sees things the same way.


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