Musings on the road to recovery

Over doing things

I did too much yesterday and am paying the price today, turns out that nearly 2 hours of driving will do that to me these days. Who knew? Well, I knew really but yesterday was my driving to work but not actually going into work day, add a couple of ad hoc journeys on top and voila I am over done. The biggest positive to come out of this though (silver lining thinking at work here) is that  this isn’t a flare up. The pain’s worse than normal but it’s not totally unbearable, I’m able to move from the sofa. I’m chalking this up as a win. Me 1 – Body 0.

So in the spirit of not doing much today, I have the ingredients for a lemon drizzle cake sat enticingly on the kitchen worktop and that will be my most significant endeavour today, and let’s face it, the Kenwood takes up most of the slack here. This is my Kenwood, tres retro and 1970s but I love it:

As you can see, it’s not one of the new fangled ones, in fact it was tucked away in the back of my cupboard for ages before someone mentioned how brilliant theirs was and I remembered that I had one and dashed away to find it and see what it could do. My Grandad had given it to me some months earlier, knowing that I took pleasure in baking (it wasn’t an entirely altruistic gesture however, as the more baked goods I made, the more I sent his way),  thinking I would be able to use it. It used to belong to my Mum, who had no use for it (the only cooking she ever did was in the microwave and the meals concerned usually had to have the foil pierced beforehand), she gave it to my Nan who used it sporadically, as, although she was a great cook and baker, she preferred to do things the old fashioned way. Now it’s mine, in one of those neat circles that occasionally happen by chance. The majority of my baking equipment came from my Nan as my Grandad had no use for it after she passed away and I like using her equipment when I’m baking as it feels that the shared love for cake brings us closer together, even though she’s no longer with us.


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