Musings on the road to recovery

Home alone

Mr RR’s out tonight celebrating his success of the week – getting his CCNA qualification. (Proud wife moment) I am home alone, abandoned, lonely, deserted….you get the picture. I’d say that the cats will keep me company but 2 of them are upstairs snoozing on the bed and the other one is more interested in licking her bum than cuddling up to me. I think that speaks volumes either about the diffidence of cats or about how entertaining I am. I prefer to think it’s the former.

In any case, I’m relishing it. I’ve eaten my M&S Count on Us Chicken Tikka Balti, a Count on Us chocolate dessert and a WW bar. I’m exercising my cerebral cortex, watching such intellectually stimulating programmes such as Modern Family, The Middle and Glee. I fully expect to be collapsed in fits of giggles at Glee, liberated to cackle loudly and sing along to the songs. As an aside, there’s no way that Mr RR would ever, ever countenance watching Glee. I think it offends his masculinity or something. He even cringes when adverts for it are shown, and don’t get me onto how many times he’s threatened to delete the recorded episodes from the planner. I once put an episode on as penance when he was playing World of Warcraft and raiding. Bad wife? Me?



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